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This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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General Information

What is umati - the universal machine technology interface

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Structure of the specification


This documentation is versioned, as some content details will be delivered later in time. Please refer to the latest version at to receive the latest draft. If any errors or inconsistencies strike your attention, please contact us via so that we can include the improvement in the next version:

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v1.05.0 03.03.2022 Integrates Geomentrical Measuring Systems
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Demonstrator story umati showcase

The umati vision

Connectivity with umati - universal machine technology interface - is simple, secure and future-oriented. Any machine with an umati interface can be easily connected with applications. No matter whether you are end user, system integrator or machine builder: with the umati endorsed companion specficiations you will be able to easily connect to machines of all manufacturers and controls. umati is an initiative by the umati community and is an association of companies from the mechanical and plant engineering industry that jointly and comprehensively bring a common interface concept based on OPC UA to the market for the entire mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Currently it is sponsored and hosted by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW) and the mechanical engineering industry association (VDMA).

umati showcase

This showcase demonstrates how umati partners connect components, machines and applications via a connectivity showcase. This showcase targets decision-makers in the machinery industry with a uniform marketing strategy and demonstrations showing the depth of the umati interface: from umati component suppliers over umati machine builders to umati partner applications that cumulate the data in dashboards, ERP, MES and cloud systems.

Trade fair guests will get information about umati at the virtual showcase and will be offered a hands-on experience via a white-label dashboard. The dashboard offers data of each individual machine connected through umati. The dashboard is easily accessible through any web browser with individual QR codes offering weblinks at each machine. It further offers responsive design for mobile end users.

Marketing for umati will be visible at the virtual showcase. Central umati marketing events will offer general information, depict specific use cases, offer Q&A sessions and deliver experience reports over the duration of the trade fair. Marketing statements for umati showcase are coordinated centrally and distributed to all showcase participants. Please refer to chapter 3 for further details.

Ramp-up for all umati showcase demonstrations will be available in advance of the virtual showcase with an offered exemplary umati showcase test server.