umati showcase specification


This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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To connect your local OPC UA server to the the initiative provides a software gateway. This gateway subscribes via OPC UA (Client/Server; TCP Binary) to your server and publishes the information to and MQTT broker.

This gateway is provided as an open source version based on open62541 and currently uses a custom JSON encoding for the payload. It is planned to migrate to OPC UA part 14 JSON encoding and defined topic tree, as soon as v1.05.03 is published.


High level

OPC UA server — Gateway — MQTT Broker —

With protocols

Configuration and connection

The detailed configuration of the client and how to deploy and run it is described in the source repository.

The gateway is provided as

The binaries can be downloaded here

A configuration file example as well as documentation is available here.

To obtain credentials to connect to the MQTT broker please follow Server documentation.