umati showcase specification


This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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Organizational and technical requirements for umati showcase participants


The following documentation is phrased for in-person trade fairs. Nontheless, the requirements shall be applicable to the virtual showcase as well.

umati showcase demonstration participants

Please register with if you intend to participate at the umati showcase demonstration to ensure you receive all necessary information.

Parties involved in the showcase will offer different umati technology. We distinguish three solution types:

Participants can provide more than one umati partner solution type.

Memorandum of understanding

Regulations concerning offered services, obligations of the participants and brand usage are collected in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which participants of the umati showcase will need to sign ahead of the umati showcase demonstration. Please refer to MoU document for further information. (Please request a copy by mailing to

Every participant is permitted to advertise his or her involvement in the umati community through the free, time-limited "umati partner" logo, e.g. in the web or in prints etc. Details of this permission are regulated in the individual MoU.

Services offered by umati iniative include

Obligations of all participants include

Obligations of participants (M) connecting machinery

Obligations of participants (C) supplying components

Obligations of participants (A) showing applications

Please refer to the MoU for further details. In case of doubt/discrepancies to the preceding list the regulations as denoted in the MoU shall apply.

A separate MoU is available for associations or other organizations that want to support umati. Please contact us at for details.

Marketing package for umati showcase participants

All participants received a marketing package which will be updated as the trade fairs approach. It currently contains the following items and can be found at:

Necessary interaction by the participants are

Documentation, timeline and notes on implementation details for umati showcase

Provided documents and files

We have provided reference documents for the umati showcase information model as follows: