umati showcase specification


This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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FAQ for the Showcase

Connectivity Issues

The OpenVPN connections cannot be established with the error: TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity) This is most likely because your enterprise firewall is blocking UDP-Requests on Port 443.

Organizational questions

The participant shall connect to the demonstrator scenario with a machine and/ or a “value-added service” (platform, dashboard,…). Are there any number limits or is just one machine OK? Yes, one is enough, but you are free to connect more.

After implemented UMATI on the machine, the UMATI booth will show my machine on the dashboard as well as the machines of other participants. Is my understanding, right? We will show all connected machines at the umati dashboard at the umati booth.

Do we need to show data from other participants at our own booth? You are free to choose. All machine data is available to all participants.

umati Experts and booth personell

What do you expect for “UMATI expert” at trade fair show ground? The expert/ambassador should be able to answer the most common questions and what the manufacturer is planning with umati. We will provide a document with a unified perspective and the questions. He should knowable to more than what is currently written in the flyer.

What should the “UMATI expert” do? Be a contact for sales and customers to tell more about umati, and point to the experts a the umati booth for deeper questions.

From when do you expect to start preparation at show ground? i.e. from when he must be at show ground? This is many up to your preparation planning. We are anticipating that all machines the connect from the show ground are up and running until Friday. Therefore, he just needs to be reachable by phone or mail to troubleshoot the connection after you have set up the machine on the fair ground.