umati showcase specification


This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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umati Dashboard (The “umati app”)

The umati dashboard at is available as a neutral sample application to demonstrate OPC UA companion specification standardization.

Machine data are available in a MQTT broker to provide live to the

Currently the companion specifications listed at Specs are implemented. Integrations of future additional companion specification implementations based on the OPC 40001-1 UA for Machinery are in progress.

Location of Fair, Machine and Software icons on the dashboard

Fair pin


Fair location and icon is set by fair organiser.

Machine pin


The machine instance Location property (according to OPC 40001-1) shall be set to the following definition:

FAIR Shortnames

Fair shortnames are defined here.



The software location will be manual set as discribed here.

Dashboard Features

The dashboard provides information to solve a few use cases which are common in the companion specifications.

For the usage on fairs, the above location information provide the additional use case:

These use cases can be access through the Overview, Machines and Software tabs, as well as the filter functionality.