umati showcase specification


This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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umati showcase information model for Plastics and Rubber machines Generic Model

1. General

The namespace for the instances is manufacturer specific, e.g.

Table 1 shows the complete structure of the instance needed for the umati demonstrator when two process values are used. The demonstrator requires, that all mandatory elements of used MachineIdentificationType are existent, even if there are not displayed in the dashboard. If the value of a variable a not displayed, is can be filled with a static dummy value (e.g. empty string). All displayed values are marked in bold.

Note: Please contact Marc Schmitt ( or Dr. Harald Weber ( if your machine type (Section 2) is not available.

Generic Overview

Download: Compleate documentation umati showcase information model Plastics and Rubber

Table 1 – Sample instance of UmatiPlasticsRubberGenericType

BrowseName Type Example Value Remarks
   <EntryNodeforMachine> UmatiPlasticsRubberGenericType    
    2:Identification 3:MachineIdentificationType    
     2:ProductInstanceUri 1)
     2:Manufacturer 0:LocalizedText “Sample Manufacturer”  
     2:Model 0:LocalizedText “Machine Model 3000” 2)
     2:SerialNumber 0:String “BM123”  
     2:DeviceClass 0:String “Blow moulding machine”  
     3:Location 0:String “K 14 F42/N 51.260407 E 6.744588” 2), 3)
    3:MachineryBulidingBlocks 0:FolderType    
     MachineryItemState 3:MachineryItemState_
      0:CurrentState 0:LocalizedText “Executing”  
       0:Id 0:NodeId ns=3,i=5006 1)
    ProcessValue_1 ProcessValueType    
     Name 0:String “Temperature”  
     Value 0:Double 120.5  
     Unit 0:String “°C”  
    ProcessValue_2 ProcessValueType    
     Name 0:String “Pressure”  
     Value 0:Double 5.2  
     Unit 0:String “bar”  

1) This variable is mandatory in the model but will not be displayed in the demonstrator 2) Not mandatory in OPC UA for Machinery but for this model and will be displayed in the demonstrator 3) See for rules for filling the location.

2. Process values for different machine types

The process values are modelled as optional placeholder in the generic model. This allows the model to be used for different machine types with reasonable effort. However, the contents should be the same for all machines of the same type.

Please contact Marc Schmitt ( or Dr. Harald Weber ( if your machine type is not available.