umati showcase specification


This provides the specification to connect to the umati showcase

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umati Dashboard

The umati dashboard at is available as a neutral sample application. It is connected as a client application to the datahub OPC UA endpoint.

Currently only the integration of the OPC 40501-1 UA for Machinetools is developed. Details about the information modell implentation requrirements are shown here.

Integrations of future additional companion specification implementations based on the OPC 40001-1 UA for Machinery are foreseen.


Datahub connection

For this showcase we will have a datahub provided off premise. This will act as an OPC UA aggregation server. The machine server (M) will connect via an OpenVPN tunnel to an VPN endpoint. An OPC UA client will connect to the OPC UA Server(s) of that partner through the VPN tunnel. This client will browses for all instances of the supported specifications and will read all values and events of these instances. These values and events are forwarded to an aggregating OPC UA server, which will provide a copy of the instances with values. The application providers (A) will connect to the aggregating OPC UA Server of this datahub. This ensures a constant load on the unterlying OPC UA servers of the machines, no matter how many applications read the OPC UA data in the aggregating OPC UA server.

To connect to this datahub (M) need an OPC UA Server and OpenVPN client to access one dedicated endpoint per partner. (A) will connect via OPC UA directly to the datahub.